#MIAproject – Meet Miami Artist, @aatlas

We are proud to present our blog series #MIAproject – where we will showcase Artists from Miami in particular – with potential to expand our series to the U.S in the future, as well as international artists. For now, us at Third Dream Media want to put a spotlight on Miami Artists.

Social media is the future. It has made our way of communication much easier, the way we feel about certain topics, and the way we share our personal life with the world in an instant. Take Instagram for an example, artists from all over the world are putting their work on the social site to share any past projects, what they are doing in this instant, as well as any future works.

It is certainly an integrated part of our culture and our everyday life. We caught up with an amazing photographer and artist who captivated my eye on the social site – his work is amazing and his humble heart will take him far in this field. Meet Aarie, of @aatlas on Instagram.

 Who is behind @aatlas and what inspired your username?

 Its just me behind @aatlas, I named my first dog Atlas growing up, and my name Aarie has two a’s in it so thats how the username @aatlas came about.

 How old are you and where are you from? 

 I turned 28 on May 19th, I was born and raised in Miami Beach, Fl. Currently living in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

 How long have you done photography for?  

I’ve been shooting photography since 2011.

What are your thoughts on social media?

 Instagram in particular I think social media has revolutionized the way people communicate and receive their news and information pertaining to their personal interest. Instagram specifically is a great tool for everyone to showcase their work. I do believe Instagram is flawed in a sense because of the amount of people using it for other reasons. In my opinion, the amount of spam accounts has hurt the true artists trying to get recognized organically. Its pretty funny to see users who have thousands, hundreds of thousands of followers yet have a discrepancy in the amount of likes and engagement overall on their page. Ive seen companies and agencies  ignore a model, photogrrapher, performer etc.. because they do not have enough of a following on social media. Its the sad truth but this is where its going and for those trying to survive in the industry they will need to adapt quickly.

 What inspires your photography? 

 My photography is solely inspired by my everyday life, travel and experiences. I really try to always have my camera on me, I prefer lifestyle photo/video versus commercial work.

What is your 1977 co project, can you tell us about that and where you see it in the future? 

 The 1977 Company is an LLC. created by myself and 2 friends / partners. It’s a Mens Lifestyle Boutique that offers an elevated shopping experience.  We carry clothing and accessories from streetwear and sneakers to business casual attire. We also carry leather goods, travel bags, grooming products etc. We are open 12-6pm Tuesday-Saturday and also offer our clients private consultations where we tailor looks in that clients preferred tones and sizes for the present and upcoming seasons. We are located in Fort Lauderdale’s FATvillage which is an up and coming Art/Design district. We are looking to open up our second location in Wynwood, Miami next year and if all goes well I see us expanding to other art/design districts in New York, Chicago, LA etc.

What are your thoughts on Miami’s Art & Photography scene?

 I have seen Miami’s art scene really blow up in the recent years. Miami has always been a hot spot for fashion models and photographers but with events like art basel and swim week Its pretty impressive to see how quickly the scene and city is growing overall. As for photography, Im seeing a lot of new up and coming photographers come into the scene. We have some very talented photographers that capture our city beautifully.

 If you had the chance to be anywhere in the world right now – where would that be?

 I would choose somewhere I have never been, probably somewhere where few people have been.. Lately I’ve been wanting to explore more exotic and unseen places versus big cities.  However, If I had to choose one place I’ve been to previously… It would definitely be Laguna Beach, CA.

 Please check out @aatlas’ extensive gallery on his Instagram account –  you can follow @aatlas on Instagram here.

 Disclamer: Third Dream Media does not own any photos displayed on this article. All images belong to Aarie of @aatlas and Instagram.