Jenny Wu Debuts 3D Jewelry line LACE at AQUA – Art Basel Miami 2014

Jenny Wu debuted 3D Jewerly line LACE at Miami Beach Art Basel 2014 as a Pop up store at AQUA – Part of the Art Miami family.

LACE is a line of 3D printed wearable designs. Wu is the Founder and Design Director of LACE. Jenny Wu is Based in Los Angeles. She is also a partner at the Los Angeles based architecture and design office, Olyver Wu Collaborative which she started in 2014 with Dwayne Olyver. Third Dream caught up with Wu in her busy Art Basel debut at AQUA.

Wu’s debut at Art Basel is not one that came as a surprise. Wu visited Miami’s Art Basel in 2013, for fun and only as an expectator. Wu wore a few of her pieces to a few galleries she attented and she claims that “People kept asking me where did you get them? Can I buy the pieces off you?” It went to the extent of wanting to take off the pieces off of Wu’s neck. Her pieces are made from elastic and nylon materials. It has been proven that her pieces are durable and won’t crack easily. Wu currently has 4 necklaces, 2 ring designs, and 2 earring designs.

What do you think of Miami’s evolution into the Art Scene? In particular, Art Basel Miami?

 Wu: Art Basel has been very receptive. The crowd at Art Basel values design, the quality of design instead of gems and blings for example. The response to my line LACE has been greatly appreciated, as they understand all the hard work that I put into it.

Currently LACE is only available for purchase online, do you see your line LACE at a retail store in the future?

Wu: Perhaps. It would have to be the right venue. A high fashion retail venue like The Alchemist, or The Webster are some of the stores that my clients have mentioned that they see fit for my line.

Wu described her pop up debut at Miami’s Art Basel as “very responsive” when we met on Saturday, December 6th – her line LACE was nearly sold out.

You’ve been doing really well for your debut of LACE, how have people responded? 

Wu: Most people know about 3D printing, but a lot of people don’t know that you can make wearables like LACE. Most of the clients at Art Basel are drawn into geometry so the reactions have been positive. It’s been selling really well.

Wu has always been into architecture and jewerly. She combined her knowledge of architect and fashion into one and the result was marbelous. Wu uses MAYA to create her designs. She crafts, designs, and does all the neccesary 3D Modeling. She focuses on the soft curves and geometry until perfection. Jenny Wu has been featured on Forbes, among others.

You can follow Jenny Wu on Instagram.

Currently, LACE is only available through online purchase on her website.