Michael Alig The Club Kid King Returns in 2015

Michael Alig reigned in the Nightlife club scene in New York City in the 90s as a club promoter and musician. He started The Club Kids and his legacy has carried on until this very day. Alig is famously known in Popular Culture for his persona, his outfits, and for pleading guilty to manslaughter in October, 1997, after killing fellow Club Kid Andre “Angel” Melendez over a confrontration over a drug debt in March, 1996. He was sentenced to ten to twenty years in prison and was released on parole in May 2014.

Michael Alig returns this 2015 with a more creative side to him more than ever. He has his own YouTube channel called the Pee-Ew – where he discusses his life after prison, living life in 2015, adjusting to NYC again, musicians in 2015 and more. Nothing is off topic! He co-hosts the show with Ernie Glam. Here at Third Dream Media we admire, respect and love Michael Alig so much! He has been a huge inspiration and has paved the way for a lot of artists, musicians, and filmmakers all over the world. He has two documentaries based on his life and story available to stream through Netflix, Party Monster: The Shockumentary (1997) and Party Monster (2003), starring Macaulay Culkin as Michael Alig.

 Michael Alig took 15 minutes off from his busy schedule to answer some questions exclusively to Third Dream Media and they made us fall in love with him all over again!

What are some of your thoughts that you see in this new age of Social media in 2015?

Michael Alig: The internet was only just starting to come of age at that tie and there was no Facebook or Twitter or any of that in 1996 which wasn’t really around then. People are also way more self centered and into themselves now than they were back then. And back then they were already total narcissists!

Michael Alig: God, I’m working on so many things I can’t even remember them all! I’m writing three screenplays, two horror films and one dark comedy; I’m trying to get my book published; Designing two lines of clothing, one called Lunatic Fringe, one called Skroddleface, featuring mine and other artwork; producing my own daily talkshow on YouTube called the Pee-Ew;  promoting a new monthly Brunch for viewers of the Pee-Ew;  – promoting different products like lithographs, shirts, wristbands, magnets and other things at Alig Mart, which can be located at projectxarchive.com/shop; launching my new website, MichaelAlig.com; writing for the NY Post and a monthly column for Gay Times; and so many more things I have a headache just thinking about them!

Can you tell us a little bit more of your music, art and your new YouTube show – Pee-ew?

Michael Alig: I’m currently recording an EP called “Deviation On Demand” with producer Greg Tanoose that includes my latest single, “What’s In,” we are recording two more songs in February 2015. Eventually there will be  a total of eight songs, they’re sort of 90s inspired. A bit of EDM mixed with disco and rock. My art is sort of pop-ish, Think  Andy Warhol meets Roy Lichtenstein, meets Ronald McDonald. Very advertising-inspired, Graphic Art, that sort of thing.

The Pee-Ew is a satire of all those awful daily shows like The View and The Chew and whatever else. Except that my version only takes up ten minutes of your day, instead of an hour! We are in talks right now with a production company to make the show a bit more professional.

If you could change anything from your Club Kid days – what would that be and why? 

Michael Alig: If I could change anything from the old Club Kid days it would probably be that I wouldn’t have gotten into drugs so heavily. I don’t think we would have crashed and burned so spectacularly, had we not been so drugged up all the time Who knows what else we could have accomplished!

What inspired your costumes when you went out clubbing – back in the Club Kid days?

Michael Alig: Our outfits were inspired by just about everything from tv commercials to MTV to products to other celebrities and what they were wearing (not to copy, of course…only to know what NOT to dress like). it was sort of a mash-up of ideas….an aesthetic sampling.

What are some of your favorite memories from Club kid days circa 1990s?

Michael Alig: My favorite memories from back then include traveling from one of our clubs to the other– we operated four of the largest and most fabulous clubs in the world at the time–i n the back of a limo, probably seven or eight of us per car, drinking champagne, snorting cocaine and taking pills while being carted to another party destination. Nothing can really beat that in terms of fabulousness or anticipation.

 What are your thoughts on celebrity adoration nowadays in 2015?

Michael Alig: I love the whole social media celebrity thing. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, etc. I think they’re sort of Club Kids in and of themselves, in that they’re following a lot of our rules and models. I wonder if there would even BE a Paris Hilton or Kim K without The Club Kids having happened first. Then, there wouldn’t have been any Club Kids without Andy Warhol….so once again, it all goes back to him. Blame it on the Warhol!

You can follow Michael Alig’s official Twitter handle here!