Miami’s evergrowing Fashion Industry is not as big as you might expect. Especially when it comes to streetwear brands that represent our city in the best possible way. MiamiMoney & CO. want to overcome that barrier and boy are they doing it. Their clothes and over all look and brand have a premium feel to it – at an affordable price. We caught up with MIAMIMONEY’s founder and some of his thoughts on Miami Fashion and what inspired him to be in the Fashion Industry.

 Who is behind Miami Money? 

 Barry Damiano, Founder and Creative Director

 What are some of your past projects? 

 Some of my favorite past projects include the Birds of Paradise collection from last summer where we infuse our bird logo with the concept of paradise and this past winters Miyayo collection where we translate Miami’s popular nickname into eye catching goods.  Our baby line (Baby Bleau) also has made waves in the toddler department.  And not to forget our New Money line which has become a hit with our audience and is constantly restocked.

 Where do you see your brand in the future? 

 I see MiamiMoney as being a staple brand in Miami, FL.  I want the brand to take on a life of itself creating goods of all kinds to cater to all genres.  From the Florida native to the international fashion enthusiast.

 What inspired you to be in the fashion industry?  

I always had a knack for fashion and my own sense of style.  People always took a liking to it so I thought to myself why not just bottle it up and sell it, theoretically speaking.  That led to me one day just deciding to create my own line and with a hustlers spirit and being a entrepreneur at heart, I created MiamiMoney.

If you could open up a store anywhere in the world – where would it be?  

Dubai is calling my name.

 Not only are your pieces captivating – but your photography as well, do you come up with the lookbooks?

 I work with photographers all over the world and together we create the overall look and vibe of each lookbook.

What are your thoughts about Fashion in Miami? 

One of the main reasons I created MiamiMoney was of the gap I saw in streetwear brands in Miami.  The question I get asked a lot is why Miami?  With Miami being one of the most visited cities in the world and a amazing place to live, it leaves room for endless opportunities and success.  I just wanted to create a brand to represent that.  Many of today’s popular streetwear brands are originated in California and New York so my aim was to really put Miami on the map in that aspect.

You can follow MIAMIMONEY on Instagram here. As well as their Twitter account here. To shop their new Summer 2015 Collection visit their website here.