Kiss Me, Kill Me wrapped with a Bang!

Los Angeles, CA — Back in October, 2014 we reported about the Kickstarter campaign for West Hollywood murder-mystery “Kiss Me, Kill Me.” a month later, it had surpassed its Kickstarter goal. Directed by Casper Andreas (“Going Down in LA-LA Land”) Written and Produced by David Michael Barrett (“Such Good People,”) (“Bad Actress”), completed in a matter of months is an inspiration to follow. The film stars Van Hansis and Gale Harold, who plays a gay character for the first time since his iconic character Brian Kinney in (“Queer as Folk.”)

 After successfully funding their film through crowdsourcing, a couple of months later it has finished its principal photography and has gone onto post-production. We asked writer and producer David Michael Barrett a few questions for Third Dream Media regarding his experience from Pre-production to when we will be able to see Kiss Me, Kill Me.

 What were some of your favorite moments while shooting Kiss Me, Kill Me?

 David Michael Barrett:  Without question, my favorite moments were watching a screenplay that I had written come to life before my eyes.  Seeing our fantastic cast work with our talented director, Casper Andreas, was one of the highlights of my career.

What was your experience shooting with such talented actors like Van Hansis and Gale Harold?

DMB: Van Hansis was amazing.  He is a tireless actor who always brings 100% — even during night shoots or other incredibly challenging circumstances.  He has a unique talent of making the audience care about him — and he was exhilarating to watch.   Also: I cannot say enough great things about Gale Harold.  He is iconic in the LGBT community, and he brought much more to the role and movie than almost any other actor could.  He has a tremendous gift as an actor and working with him was truly a privilege.

When is Kiss Me, Kill Me projected to be done with post-production and when will we be able to see it?

DMB: We are currently in post production.  Depending on how things go we are hoping to have the film completed later this year, hopefully by mid-summer.

What were some of your inspirations for Kiss Me, Kill Me?

DMB: All the old Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie murder mysteries, which director Casper Andreas and I both love.

What’s next for you after Kiss Me, Kill Me?

DMB: I have another film going into production later this year.  A much bigger film, a dark comedy, starring some legendary comedy talent, but I cannot tell you more at this point.  Sorry!

How was your experience from pre-production to wrapping Kiss Me, Kill Me as a whole?

DMB: Producing “Kiss Me, Kill Me” was one of the epic journeys of my life.  It was exciting, exhilarating and exhausting. It is an amazing thing to be a part of a project like this, where so many people believed in what we were trying to accomplish and wanted to be part of it.  This is truly a passion project — art for art’s sake — which is why we all got into show business to begin with.  Plus, I had the chance to work with so many extraordinary people.  This production was filled with challenges and victories — but one thing is certain: Night shoots suck!

Can you give us some advice for future filmmakers and some experiences that can help others in the future?

DMB: Work super hard creating a fantastic original screenplay.  That will do most the work for you. Then network and create a large circle of talented friends and colleagues.  Get some money together, whether it’s on a crowdsourcing website or elsewhere. As challenging as producing might be, today — if you have the right elements — it’s easier than ever to produce a film. I would encourage anyone who wants to, to absolutely do it.  Then, as if you were making a film for Warner Bros., do you absolute best work. That’s what we tried to accomplish.  And we’re hoping audiences love it.

Photo Credits: Spellbound Productions, LLC.

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