#MIAproject – Meet Miami Actress, Gema Calero

Gema Calero is a hidden gem in Miami’s Film Industry and that is only because you can catch her in France one afternoon, and the next day she’s working on a feature film in Atlanta. Gema Calero is a true proud Miamian with Nicaraguan roots – she’s currently dominating the Film Industry and we can’t wait to see more from what this beatiful amazing actress will bring to the table! We caught up with Gema after her long votage to Cannes, France for the 68th edition of the Cannes Film Festival where Gema plays the role of Suzie in “Swingers Anonymous” which screened at the prestigious Film Festival. Swingers Anonymous has screened from Vancouver, to New York, Miami, Key West and France and more. We caught up with Gema on her thoughts of the Film Industry, the Future of Miami’s Industry and some of her current and future work!

 What are your thoughts on the rising art scene in Miami? (Wynwood, design district,etc)

 I think that it’s about time Miami artists got noticed! There has always been an art scene in Miami, but now it’s just rising from the “Underground”. Thank goodness Miamians are chic and are always at the forefront of what’s fashionable. Art Basel made art relevant, and now locals are flocking to see and appreciate art year round, allowing artists to produce more content and make money doing it (yes, I believe in this strange idea that work equals pay…not sure why some find it acceptable to exclude art in that equation).

What are some of your past projects?

 I just came back from Festival de Cannes where “Swingers Anonymous” was premiering. In it, I play Suzie, a gold-digging foul-mouthed stripper; filming that was fun to say the least. I also just filmed “All Girls Weekend” in Georgia, directed by Lou Simon, who also directed me in “Agoraphobia” and “HazMat”. She actually gave me my break into the indie community with “HazMat” which got nice distribution (Red Box, VOD, Walmart). “Agoraphobia” will be out this Summer and I can’t wait for people to watch it; it’s scary, and Tony “Candyman” Todd is just so mesmerizing in it!

You recently attended the 68th Cannes Film Festival for your film Swingers Anononymous, how was that experience for you?

 It was a priceless learning experience. Sometimes as an actor, you get lost in trying to master the “craft” and forget that this is a BUSINESS. It was a little daunting at first, especially because Swingers Anonymous screened at the American Pavilion in the same room where industry leaders like Salma Hayek and the co-founders of Sony Pictures Classics, among others had been talking about their work! But it did force me to, in the wise words of my friend Ana, “put my big girl panties on” and realize that this is a business, and not just a dream. “A” game status is a must to play in the big leagues.

Gema Calero Pictured in Cannes, France with Director and Writer Quincy Perkins and Jonathan Woods of “Swingers Anononymous”.


Being from Miami – where do you see Miami going in the Future of the Film Industry in South Florida?

 I certainly hope that it goes in the direction that Atlanta is in. Leaving Miami for Atlanta was very difficult, as I left my family and friends behind, but honestly I had to because I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel coming anytime soon. It’s obvious that Miami is a perfect place to film, but as long as politicians keep on with their own interests in mind, Florida won’t get the tax incentives it needs in order to compete with other states. I know the acting community in So. Florida has ferociously “rallied Tally” and I hope they see the fruits of their labor sooner than later. Maybe I can go back to Miami and live with my parents again. And yes, I refuse to cut the umbilical cord.

 What are some of your future projects?

 I have several theatre projects lined up for the rest of this year with the lovely Wendy White, artist and director of New Light Theatre Company in South Florida. Some of my most treasured moments in life come from collaborating with her and creating pure, uninhibited art. As for film and TV, I’m in talks about a couple indie films, and thankfully I’m with a good agent in Atlanta, so I’m pretty much leaving the rest to providence.

 If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would that be and why?

Atlanta. The amount of Film and TV shows being produced here is enough to make any actor covet a piece of the pie. Plus, nothing beats that Southern hospitality, and most importantly, the chicken and waffles.

 Who do you look up to the most? 

 Am I going to sound like a square pants if I say Pope Francis? It’s true though! He is fresh, bold and filled with love. I think that those three attributes will always lead to meaningful, good work.

 Favorite and least favorite thing about the entertainment industry? 

 My favorite and least favorite thing are actually the same thing: that everything can change from one minute to the next! In this industry, no matter where you are in your career, one call, one role, one person can change your life in a heartbeat. That spontaneity, uncertainty, the highs and lows is what makes me love and hate this industry. I guess you can say it’s a twisted love affair that will always have my heart.

 You can contact Gema Calero through here website here.