#throwbackBASEL – Art Basel Miami 2014

Art Basel needs no introduction. It is the biggest art event in the world with three annual shows that bring the artworld together in some of the world’s most exciting venues: Basel, in the heart of Europe; Miami Beach at the nexus of North and South America; and Hong Kong, the gateway to Asia.

 It is a life changing experience in Miami – where every December art collectors, artists, and locals gather and create a unique atmosphere in the air. At Third Dream Media, we were lucky to mingle alongside some of the best of the best in the Art Industry – it is where we met Marina Abromovic. You can read our quick write up here.

 It’s been 6 months since Art Basel Miami 2014! It was an amazing experience and to give you an inside look at Art Basel Miami or if you attended,  to bring back some memories – we have created a series named #throwbackBASEL – where every week we will unveil our favorite pieces that we saw during Art Basel at various different galleries and events we had the pleasure of attending.

 This is not only a way to look and admire at these timeless pieces – but to get a chance to know what the talented various artists are doing now and any future projects that they are working on as well!

 Stay tuned and remember to use #throwbackBASEL on social media!