Yo! It’s Yo Miami’s 4 Year Anniversary!

Get ready to gather up to meet at the Yo Space! This year marks the fourth anniversary of Yo Miami, unveiling their biggest project to date the: Yo Miami Permanent Collection.

“What Remains” the first exhibition for the collection is an indicative of their mission to document the evolution of the Miami art scene in an effort to expose the immense talent that has grown out of South Florida. At Third Dream Media we love all Events, Exhibitions and all things Miami – this one is for the books and its one that we can’t miss – and you shouldn’t either! This is one of the many intiatives focused on preserving our city’s artistic legacy and sharing it with locals and tourists alike.

Miami is becoming the epicenter of many things. Fashion, music, sports, art are all some of the many things happening right at this moment – Yo Miami’s mission is clear, they want to put a spotlight on Miami Artists. As they explain, “While there are many private collections focusing on Latin America, Caribbean, and other cultural art movements in the region, none specifically focus on artists who have made Miami their home”Yo Miami Permanent Collection will change this course this time around, Yo Space plans to shift the attention from national and international talents to our very own at their space in Little Haiti.

Their will be Art, their will be Food, their will be Beer, their will be Music but most importantly, their will be Culture. This is an exciting event happening this weekend! You can’t miss it!

Check out their RSVP on their Facebook Page.

Yo Space

294 NE 62nd ST, Miami, Florida 33138

Sunday May 24th, 6:00PM-10:00PM