WATCH: Houston Talks Everglades Awareness Benefit Concert at Gramps

Love The Everglades Movement is hosting the 8th Annual Everglades Awareness Benefit Concert as a platform for community involvement that features a diverse mix of speakers and activists. There will be over 25 different organizations represented during this interactive showcase. While this is primarily a concert and artistic event, the educational elements are heavily featured and crucial to the success of this gathering. They continue to work to make the event enjoyable, while at the same time, we want people to learn and connect with others in our community!#lovetheeverglades
Some of the confirmed speakers include South Miami City Mayor Philip Stoddard, Houston Cypress from Love The Everglades Movement, Laura Reynolds – Executive Director for Tropical Audubon Society, Matt Schwartz – Executive Director for South Florida Wildlands Association, Jim Teas – Chairperson for Sierra Club Miami Chapter, Rhonda Roff – Energy Chair for Sierra Club Callusa Chapter, David Doebler – President for, Oscar Corral – Producer for The Python Invasion and Lloyd Goradesky – Artist for Gator In The Bay. They are actively scheduling more speakers to highlight various community projects and environmental issues, so stay tuned and spread the word! The world we save is our own!