A Letter From Music

Below is a transcript of a letter I found taped to my door in a plain white envelope. I am not sure of it’s origins beyond that. I have never met anyone named Muse. I have asked around and none of my fiends seem to know who put this on my door. Despite not knowing who wrote it, Muse or otherwise, I share it now with you because I believe it is important. I’m calling it: A Letter From Music.

Dear World,

Sorry we’ve never talked face to face. You know I don’t like to be seen out too much, but right now I’m feeling pretty colorful.

I remember when we first met. I echoed into your ear, I vibrated a different sensation in your soul and off we went. You couldn’t get enough of me. I’m not easy to get but you kept listening and trying to understand what I had to say. We sent signals and warnings. We got our friends together to celebrate. We danced around the fire together. You made me so many houses! Such beautiful things that I can ring and sweep from. Strumming my language into existence and chattering through the piano. You painted me on paper and found a way to get others the message.

The message of US.

I can usually only talk through people or things. I wouldn’t say they channel me. I think of it more like a conversation that I inspire by how the complexities of my language vibrate together. That and moods. Where I am. Where you are. Where we’re not.

I can’t always get to everyone. This planet isn’t easy. Some people simply can’t hear and I wish I could change that. But… I can’t. I’m limited like that. That’s just how it is now.

Well, back to what I wanted to say. From when we first met till now has been amazing! We’ve changed so much and you have found so many ways to share the message. To really show how I communicate. We’ve gone digital and that’s been interesting and great fun. I don’t think that is really where the problem lies. I think it’s something else.

It has taken me a while to really decide what the greatest contributing factor to how you have started to distance from me is- or was. I don’t want you to feel angry. I’m not upset. I’m just kind of sad or feeling like we haven’t really talked.

I can tell we might not feel the same way. But that is really what is at the heart of what I want to say.

Everyone has Emotions. Losing that, or not having that emotion, is not really a good thing. I’ve tried to find a way to get these words together.

This language is a little confusing sometimes. However it really makes it easier to communicate. Opening up complex ideas. Making me easier to understand sometimes. Although, sometimes I don’t quite get it just right. Sorry, I have a lot to say.

Well… I feel the distance. It’s like I’m not as important anymore and it is difficult for me. I feel like we really mean something to each other. That is what we need- Together. Feelings. Emotions. Stories and ideas. Things to share. I used to teach children more about the world and help people through a difficult time. I used to inspire lovers and warriors. I used to bring peace to the battlefield and silence to the soul. We made people laugh, cry tears of joy or sorrow; together we are amazing!

You see- I’m a part of you. I’m outside of you. I’m in all of nature. Sometimes I am just the wind in the trees. Sometimes I am the beat of your heart. I’m a part of life and a part of death. I am in the sound and the space between. I resonate and resound. I am in the movement of all things.

So it’s not that you have ever left me. We are always near. What it really comes down to is how you feel, and what we can really do when we work together. I think you are sometimes afraid to feel. Emotions can be hard to handle. To let go of. They are even harder to keep in.

We can always escape boredom together. We can dance and not worry about tomorrow’s destiny. Sometimes though we need to- well… Commune. We need to put our true selves out there. We need to dare to be different. We need to explore ourselves. We need to go places together and tell people about it. We need to be part of the experience of life and the emotion of the stars. Have you ever really stood and tried to count the stars. It is limitless! Where does it all really end?

We can inspire each other. We can still the troubled thought and tend the brokenhearted. We can tell the story for another who maybe doesn’t quite know what they are feeling. We need to really start sharing more. Telling more. Getting into our spiritual natural auras and feeling the movement of the space around us. I know this is a difficult thing to talk about. People are going to get defensive. You’re going to think I’m blaming you. I’m not. It happens to us all. It happened to me once. I spent a long time in the silence. That’s why I’m so glad we met and we’ve done so much together.

Like I said, Not everyone gets me. Not everyone can hear me. Some can only use me in certain ways. You know that I’m complex. You know that because we’ve kept history for so long, but even before you knew me- I was there anyways. I want us to keep growing together. I don’t want to be limited by a box or a disk. I want to be an experience. I want you to not just see me. I want you to hear me and sense my presence. That’s how I really work best. I work best when you use me to send a feeling, a sensation or even an image. We need each other more than you could ever know or understand. That’s why I’m writing this, because we can’t lose what we’ve become or what we could be. The reason I exist the way I do is because of you. Together we can change things. I know we can. Love,


P.S. Thank you for listening. 😉