#MIAproject DJ Sean Drake talks Miami’s Music Scene, Wynwood + More

 Local Miami Artist, DJ Sean Drake has played all over Miami. Everywhere from Bardot, Libertine, Treehouse and yes, even Ultra Music Festival as well as EDC Orlando alongside John Digweed. This past weekend Sean closed out III Points Music Festival, we caught up with Sean about his thoughts on Miami’s Music Scene, Wynwood, and the importance of Live music venues in Miami as part of our #MIAproject:
What are your thoughts on Miami’s music scene, where do you see it going in the future?
Miami has always had a great music scene, and has produced some great home team talent. Even though there have been a lot of shifts over the years in music styles, types of venues customers are drawn too. Without being cliché i do find the “scene” cyclical and it’s constantly evolving, it is imperative it does otherwise becomes stale. You need good talent buyers (which there are quite a few at the moment) that are willing to take risk on the lesser known acts while they are trying to break through. But more importantly you need the scene to trust the venue and their music policy to take the risk and having a night out (which isn’t cheap) on someone they might not have previously heard of or isn’t the popular choice at the moment. I like how electronic music and small intimate venues are becoming fashionable again.
It’s happening across the globe. They haven’t exactly left, but EDM being “BIG ROOM” music really cannibalized a lot of the smaller venues so there were less of them
What are your thoughts on Wynwood’s rising art scene?
I am not sure wynwood can still be considered a rising art scene. It has risen and is globally recognized at this point. For christ sakes there is double decker tour buses driving herds of people around… Other than that, I love it, Our work studio is there, the energy is great, reminds me of South Beach back in the mid 90’s. Photoshoots happening on every corner at all hours of the day. Cool energy in the street of people walking around. I see more of the art scene aspect shifting out as all places that gentrify and rents skyrocket do, more to places like Little River, Little Haiti, Allapatah. There is where the grit and Miami’s best will be working from. Most already have already moved out.
You’ve played all over NYC, at big stages like Ultra and opening for John Digweed at EDC Orlando, how has your sound changed throughout the years? 
Those are just a few 😉 Ultra was the first few. But I would like to add also just played for Kraftwerk after their show here in Miami at Libertine, that was probably one of the top of the top highlights as a DJ for me. As far as sound changing, I am always searching out to discover new sound while shaping what and how I program yet keep continuity with a signature. I like when people can listen to my set I just know it’s me playing (as long as I am on the positive side of that comment) ha.
I started very young with Electro, Miami Bass, then went into sort new beat and early house, early 9o’s UK Progressive, Breakbeat. I don’t really stick too hard to one genre I will spread it out a bit across House / Deep House / Tech House / Electronica / Techno, and program to that venue. What I play at Bardot will not be what I would play at a festival. IT will be a derivative of such and still my signature, but the tempo might be a tad higher and sounds  and spacial tonality a bit thicker.
Playing all over Miami from Bardot, Treehouse, to Vagabond – what are your thoughts on the decline in Live Music venues in Miami, and how important do you think it is to the growth of our city?  

Vagabond is closed and was a great place to discover and hear bands, I don’t think Treehouse does live music. Is there a decline in Live music? Live music seems to have always been a struggle in Miami due to the way touring loops are. I feel like there are more emerging local bands, I am not a big rock or band guy but local bands like Modernage, Krisp, Bluejay, Diablo Dimes, also there was this surf rock band out of tampa (name slips my mind) I really enjoy and try and support. I do like surf rock a lot…  I seem to be seeing a lot of people heading out to shows via social media so I am not sure how to gauge whether live music is on the decline or not. I am probably not the best person to answer that.

Where do you see Miami in the future?  
I see Miami progressing big, For instance in 2004 I was helping Astralwerks get rid of free tickets to the Fillmore (gleason at the time) for Kraftwerk live. The show still was about 1500 short of filling the theater.  This time around they sold out so quick that they added a 2nd show (With the rise in popularity in electronic music & techno and digital access people have become more educated on them) Two nights later there was a post punk band playing at the same theater and some o the same people were talking about also going to that concert. 
If you could play alongside any other DJ or artist who would that be and why?
That is a very hard question.. I have been very fortunate to play with some very top talent in my 25 years (wow, just aged myself). I have opened for John Digweed numerous times over the past 5 years which is always a humbling treat for me. I don’t think there is anyone that has been doing it as long as him and still at the top of his game. He is a father, husband, runs a label, merchandising, and tours intensely and never seems to fall off his game.
I recently had the opportunity to host Kraftwerk after their show at Libertine and DJ’ed while they were there. That was humbling and at the same time I was a nervous wreck.  But to answer your question.. Maybe Chemical Brothers.
What are some of your influences in music?
Verrrrrrry broad. Miami Bass, Detroit Electro, New Beat / New Wave, Early US Chicago House / Acid House, Early 90’s UK House / Happy Hardcore / Breaks
Disco / Italo Disco, late 80’s early 90’s Hip Hip & Early R&B.
What do you hope patrons get from your III points set? 
A positive journey, ethereal audio experience, have fun, dance, leave with a smile.
If you missed DJ Sean Drake at III Points, make sure to check him out tomorrow at Stache House in Fort Lauderdale.