There’s one thing I had certain at this years III Points Music Festival, Miami truly never sleeps. III Points, III Years, my first time attending. Here’s part one of two of my recap, my experience and some of my favorite sets at this years III Points Music Art Tech Festival.The environment was so spread out and relaxed, giving the audience many options to enjoy themselves. Hearing bands play in the distance, fleshy bass by the party bus, watching friends meet up, acquaintances making new friends, and there I was, receiving a nice cold drink in my hand as I glance into my booklet figuring out which artist to see first. It was time to make some memories.

It all started with Miami’s local artist VIRGO. The first thing I noticed about her was her pristine untouched look, like a goddess. Dressed in all white and silver jewelry, that girl had a voice that took you somewhere else. It was like nothing else mattered when you heard her tracks, containing so much delicacy and emotion. I can’t wait till she’s famous even though she already is, in my paradigm. She is on a road to success.

After leaving heaven I entered the fiery furnaces of the Mana Wynwood Mainframe with Bonobo‘s DJ set which was bewildering with bits of tropic and electronic beats featuring the heat wave the warehouse brought along for the audience. When the producer Simon Green isn’t playing his live band shows, he is still killing it with his killer DJ sets. The hotter the temperature, the harder we will dance was all I could I think! After SURVIVING AND DANCING IN HELL I decided I needed to take a late dinner break. There were many choices to pick from, it was hard. I wanted it all! They had Shake Shack, Coyo Taco, Gigi’s and even some vegan choices! So I decided each day I would pick something different to eat. Today was Shake Shack (fries are for FRIDAZE).

The rain had stopped and the festival got packed but it was still under control.
After I grubbed, I met a girl named Gab (#yesnewfriends!) that told me about an all girl band named Warpaint which I didn’t know much about, playing live at the Mind Melt stage. Warpaint is a band from Los Angeles that began rocking during 2004 who actually made it big and won BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll. These ladies do it all: drums, vocals, guitar and write lyrics! They have talent to prove it too. It was a packed house for them when they came on. While jamming out to Warpaint I was wondering where my friends were?

Out of intuition, I had a feeling I would find them if I took a lap around the festival. Before I found them I came across the Sector 3 stage where Robb Bank$ was performing. . My favorite track was Pressure. It was really catchy and makes really feel like you want to dance like no one is watching. Shazam helped me find this song while I was jamming in case you were wondering. Thank you for technology.

It hit me once I took another glance at my booklet. The dreadful feeling when three performances that I wanted to see, are schedule are the same time! Especially two that are rarely here in Miami, Neon Indian and Shigeto. I had to rationalize the timing. First I had to see Neon Indian, WHO I USED TO BE OBSESSED WITH from their first album Psychic Chasms, and it was my first time seeing them live!

These guys came a long way from their first album. It was a packed house for these guys too. I was really afraid that they weren’t going to play songs from their old albums since they have a new one Vega Intl. Night School, but they did. I almost cried when they played “Deadbeat Summer” which was my spring/summer track back in high school when no one understood me or my taste of music, except only a few of my friends. They also played “Should’ve Taken Acid With You” which had got me flying high with glee! Those two tracks made my night and childhood complete.

After I had my moment with Neon Indian, I had to get it together again and take a stroll to the Sector 3 stage to watch Shigeto live! This guy is actually a big deal, his beats are phenomenal and you can’t really categorize him into a genre. It’s a mix of hip hop, jazz, instrumental and oriental, AHHHH! TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS! He is an American electronic musician from Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is part of Ghostly International Records, which include: Matthew Dear, Com Truise, School of Seven Bells, Tycho, Lusine, Kiln, and more intriguing artists. He was definitely a MUST see. With him multi-tasking playing the drums, while playing the keyboard and synthesizing at the same time. This guy will definitely keep you in awe.

After Shigeto, my friends were long gone and I made a lot of new “festy friends”. Most of which were visiting from Italy and Panama, ended up being like family. God, I love festivals… you never know what to expect. But, what I did expect was closing III Points with Nicolas Jaar at the Main Frame stage. The A/C was back on emitting cold, crisp air back into the lives of the audience who appreciated the cold air more than ever. His set was really admirable as it started out smoothly, then slowly, but surely had the crowd with more upbeat beats! It was breathtaking to see him since it was my first time. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the track “Mi Mujer” but if you haven’t I highly recommend it. Along with a shot of tequila it was a pleasant way to end the night. Despite the festival ending, the party transcended beyond expected limits. The party carried over to Bardot, Trade, and Libertine. Contrary to New York City’s reputation, Miami truly is the city that never sleeps.

Photo Credit : Jason Koerner Photography.