We caught up with Katie Hirschfeld of Collage Garage as part of our #MIAproject series. Katie spent a large part of her childhood exploring New York City. She describes the conception of her art form as a beautiful mistake, explaining that at a young age, she unintentionally leaned a canvas she thought to be dry against a wall, only to discover the next day that the paint had dripped down and throughout her work. Upon graduating from the George Washington University in 2011, she moved to Austin, Texas, seeking positive inspiration. It was there that she began to develop the concept behind Collage Garage
We really like your collages, what inspired you to start doing this type of mixed media?
 I started making collages when I was 5 and continued to love making them because there are no limitations in this media. Anything and everything can be included in whichever way the artist prefers. Basically, there are no real rules.
 Having grown up in NYC, and lived in different major cities across the US, how different is Miami for you?
Miami feels a lot more like home. Other cities I lived in I felt a bit out of my element but Miami has welcomed me with arms wide open, thus how I hooked up with the Young Artist Initiative. 


How has Miami been an influence to your work?
I think my work has gotten a bit more sexy and little more refined rather than gritty.. As much as I love gritty, Subconsciously my work has gotten more elegant. 

If you had the chance to work alongside any other artist, who would that be and why?

This would depend on dead or alive. I would 100% say Basquiat because i just picture it being a free for all of creativity. Working along side a genius who also was said to use his subconscious a lot would not only be inspiring but it would be enriching and refreshing as an artist. 


Now a Miami inhabitant, Katie allows her art to guide her as she discovers the crevices of her new city and the many lives of her art. Influenced by her personal outlook and her life experiences, she seeks to promote strength, knowledge, and self-awareness through her works, and aims to overcome social flux and challenges. Finding relatability in her Basquiat within, she aspires to challenge her viewers’ vision and emotion through the essence of her work. Collage Garage with will at Cafeina Wynwood Lounge this Friday, October 23rd as part of the Young Artist Initiative lineup. RSVP to the Facebook event page, the event is free and open to the public.

If you would like to purchase Collage Garage‘s art please visit her Official Page.