Local Miami Artist, Elizabeth Ann Clark known professionally  as, VIRGO might not be a Miami native, but she’s taking over the Magic City one venue at a time. Recently playing at Young Artist Initiative this past August, and just recently this week at Libertine Miami VIRGO is making her mark in Miami. We caught up with VIRGO just in time before her performance at III Points Festival this weekend! Get to know VIRGO and her dreamy voice:
What are your thoughts on Miami’s music scene, where do you see it going in the future?
It’s difficult to understand the scene anywhere unless you’re out all of the time, and I tend to hide in my cave. At the same time, I’m a part of a small collective/label, The Revera Corporation, and I’m infinitely excited to see where we all end up, I’m surrounded by some brilliant minds with bright futures.
What are your thoughts on Wynwood’s rising art scene?
There are a number of Miami based artists that I’ve been admiring from afar and hope to have more involvement with in the future. Wynwood and Miami overall is an interesting place to create—atmospheric hues, tropical climate and NASA seem to have an impact of the creative headspace here, which I definitely connect with.
What do you hope patrons get from your III Points performance? 
I hope people feel something, after a recent show, a friend told me she felt an emotion she hadn’t felt in years of listening to music, I can only hope it’s the same feeling I’ve felt when struck by a melody or lyric.
 Being from Los Angeles, how different is South Florida for you? What are some pros and cons?
Every city can be magical, and I love both cities for different reasons. Pros, I’m the weirdo that likes humidity and extreme heat. Cons, no Tacozone and no desert.
What are your current top 5 artists in music for you?
Recondite, iamamiwhoami, Ghost Culture, Magic Island, Grimes
 If you could play alongside any other DJ or artist who would that be and why?
Bjork, she’s the ultimate Earth goddess of sound, I hope to be on her level one day.
Who/What are some of your influences in music?
Laurie Anderson, David Bowie, Kate Bush, 90’s trance, lo-fi sci-fi, water planets, Messier 87
If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be and why? 
Sand dunes in the Mojave Desert, I miss the utter silence and sense of isolation there.
Catch VIRGO live at III Point Music Festival this weekend!