FilmGate Interactive returns to South Florida for its third annual conference in Miami.

FilmGate Interactive, the U.S.A.’s only Immersive Media Conference, returns for its third year with more than 20 screenings, 6 performances, 5 interactive exhibits and 15 workshops, which explore the intersection of film, technology and interactive storytelling.  Filmgate InteractiveThe FilmGate Interactive Conference will take place from February 20 to 28, 2016 at prime arts locations throughout Miami Beach and Miami, Florida.  Over 5,000 production professionals and enthusiastic amateurs, are anticipated to attend this year’s conference and their goal is to learn, showcase their work, and develop new content through immersive and interactive techniques – an approach that recognizes the changing landscape of entertainment and storytelling, and produces a more cohesive and rewarding audience experience.

Under the helm of Executive Director Diliana Alexander, the FilmGate Interactive conference aims to engage viewers in the creative process while also providing production professionals, filmmakers, videographers, gamers, coders, writers, photographers, story architects, marketing and advertising creatives and technophile audiences with access to experts and state-of-the-art tools to craft their own projects.
Filmgate Interactie
“South Florida’s unique socio-cultural demographic and proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean have positioned Miami Beach and Miami as an international destination for arts, development and increasingly, technology,” said Alexander.  “There is a tangible shift in the region’s identity as one poised for opportunity and growth.”

To learn more about Filmgate Interactive, the many workshops and film screenings coming to Miami this February, visit their website here.