We caught up with Anne Blount, a NYC Photographer who’s images capture the spirit of NYC and the fashion world in the big apple.

 What inspires your photography?
Becoming a photographer never felt like a choice for me, it’s an impulse I’ve had for a long time. I grew up always wanting to be in charge of the camera, mainly because I hated having my picture taken and always envied whoever got that prime hiding spot behind the lens. Then my inspiration turned into a frantic need to photograph my friends, because the great things we did had to be memorialized in time resistant stills, because we were the coolest, all in our preteen brace-faced glory. For a long time I remember feeling like the odd one out always taking pictures, oh how that has changed.

Your photography includes everything from street fashion, to high fashion, to iconic NYC scenery, do you prefer a certain genre and why?
People are my preferred genre. While I love and appreciate all things visual there’s something extra special about photographing a person, especially in their natural environment. People are complex and carry stories with them under the surface that can make the possible story and depth of a photograph much more interesting.
What are some of the challenges that you’ve had being a photographer in NYC?
Being constantly bombarded with picture worthy material is a huge part of why I love New York, but it can be visually overwhelming and jading. Living in such a fast and overly interesting place you just have to accept that you’ll miss some things. Thankfully camera phones have become more and more powerful and I can get decent images without having to carry my neck breaking apparatus at all times, but even so, almost everyday I’ll see something I wish I had photographed. Moments happen so quickly in New York, never to be repeated again. I don’t stage my photographs, although some may appear to be. That’s my favorite type of image to capture, real life looking too perfect to be believed as real.
If you could photograph any model, living or dead, who would that be and why?
I’m not that interested in photographing models. While they are often dressed to grab my attention I rarely see anything beyond a model’s facade, not far from how I consider mannequins. This can be a good thing, I’m more interested in the looks models are employed to sell, but my main interests lie more with the people behind the scenes who compose the looks. Marc Jacobs is the greatest at choosing his models, many are personal friends who inspire him. I like to think even if my influence were to reach such heights to where I could hire any models I wanted, I would still choose the people who inspired my ideas and success in the first place.

New York City is an inspirational city itself. What inspires you mostly about NYC?
Can I be so broad as to say the streets? It’s difficult for me to narrow my inspiration down further than that. The people and the worldly eclectic nature of the city’s neighborhoods is what makes New York the most inspirational place in the world.
If you could work with any other photography, who would that be?
That is a tough question. At least you’re not asking who my favorite photographer is because there’s no way I could name less than 10. I would like to work with Terry Richardson, if not only to resolve my questionable admiration of him. I’ve always been drawn to his work, yet I have never heard another photographer speak highly of him, he’s kind of despised in the community. Yet the opposite can be said for his subjects who love him, you can see it in his photos, people just come alive in front of him and lose all inhibition, what’s not to like about that?