Diana Y Dela, Miami’s Latin duo talk about Miami, their new single Aqui Y Ahora, and more.

Diana Y DelaPhoto courtesy of Diana Y Dela, Soledad Herrada 



What are your thoughts on Miami’s Music scene?

We love Miami’s Music Scene! It is very unique one because of all the diverse cultures and languages that have merged here; plus it’s always full of new Latin Music. There is a lot of talent in this city and we feel it should be more exposed by sharing each others’ projects.
What are some of your plans for Diana Y Dela for the next 5 years?
This our first year as Diana y Dela (formerly solo artists Diana Mera and Mariadela). We are currently promoting our single “Aqui y Ahora” in Miami and we’ll be heading to the West Coast next month. There will be lots of concerts and shows! We hope and dream that people will identify with our music more and more, and we will continue to tour with Diana y Dela.
What has been the response with your first single “Aqui y Ahora”?
Aqui y Ahora is a fun song with a very simple but important message: what matters is “here and now”. We are thrilled we have been so welcomed by the audience and that the song is already playing in Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Miami, and San Francisco.
What would be your dream collaboration and why?
I think we would love to do a collaboration with Miguel Bosé, we both admire his amazing songwriting, sound, and sex appeal so much that we will probably die if that ever happens. Crossing our fingers that it will!
If you could describe Diana y Dela y in a couple of words, what would it be? 
We are free, intense, honest, and passionate.
What are some of your goals as an artist?
Our main goal is to have our music reach and touch our audience. We as entertainers understand the need people have to listen to an upbeat song and relax after a long day of hard work, or to have a song they can sing, and cry with, after a messy breakup. Our goal is to express all that in our music and to put it out there, so we can be there for you when you need us.

Watch Diana Y Dela’s lyric music video here:

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