With eMerge Americas coming to an end for its 2016 session, the conversation will continue to flourish between investors, startups, and creatives alike for the days to come. Over 13,000 attended the innovative conference at the Miami Beach Convention Center — making it the first year to sell out. Manny Medina, founder of eMerge Americas stated that it was not an easy decision to close registration early, during a press briefing early Monday morning. “We didn’t want to do it —  we don’t want to discourage anyone.”

Attendees from over 50 countries were at the two day conference. Some to be inspired, some to invest, and others to bring inspiration to many. Among the speakers on the second day were Monika Lewinsky, speaking at The Price Of Shame held at the WIT Stage put together by WIT, Woman, Innovation, and Technology. Lewinsky stated, “At the age of 22 I fell in love with my boss. By 24, I learned the devastating consequences of my mistake.”

In addition, Armando Perez, known worldwide as the Miami rapper and entrepreneur, Pitbull, shared The eMerge Stage alongside Melissa Lee, Cesar Conde, and Mark Hoffman of NBCUniversal to discuss ‘The Changing Worlds of Media and Music.’

Pitbull understood the importance of technology in music from early on in his career, stating that the new word of mouth is the equivalent of social media. Cesar Conde, chairman of NBCUnivesal understands that consumers of content nowadays don’t watch traditional TV at the time that their networks tell them to tune in. Their audience is now a multiplatform audience that engages and interacts with them through social media, through applications, and online streaming.

During Tim Storey‘s and John Paul Mitchell’s keynote, ‘Don’t Get Stuck in an Almost Life’ at The eMerge Stage, moderator Storey, encouraged the audience to repeat after him: “I have, common friends. I have, uncommon discipline. I have, uncommon, plans. I have, uncommon resilience.” the audience cheerfully applauded the remark.

Paul Mitchell, also stated “Success is not what you have today, it’s about doing more and more every day.” on his success of Paul Mitchell Systems, a billion dollar company.

Co-founders, Mario Aguayo and Sandy Kacura at eMerge Americas 2016

Throughout the floor plan at eMerge Americas were various startups at every phase of completion. From early stages, to later stages, and various initiatives at University levels.We spoke with Sandy Kacura, Co-founder of Be Casted, formally My Style Blox, whom has been a model for the last 15 years. Working for agencies such as Ford, Elite, and Next knows first hand what it’s really like to work in the industry. Mario Aguayo is the technical Co-founder of Be Casted, and has a background spanning 6 years in the sales industry. In 2010 he transitioned into the talent industry as a talent manager. He has been able to represent talent from Europe to the United States, assisting them in developing their careers. Kacura and Aguayo created a platform where clients, as well as wardrobe stylists, photographers, makeup artists, stylists and more, come under one site. By cutting agency costs by more than 65%, clients and talent alike have more time to focus and getting the job done, all while cutting the middle man.

“We needed a place where we can take charge and manage our own careers.” -Sandy Kacura

On our way out, we took a portrait through the innovative platform called Branger_Briz. Attendees’ portraits were displayed throughout the conference at The Launchpad stage. Branger_Briz mission is simple ‘creating memorable interactive projects for ourselves && our clients.’ learn more by contacting them directly through Facebook or Twitter.