The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Illustration by super-fresh via Ello

Pop has lost royalty before, but so soon after such a mysterious announcement as an emergency landing for the flu, we discover he is no longer among us. There is no need to use a name. He didn’t need one and if you are over the age of 18 and haven’t heard a whole album you might as well stop giving your opinion on music until you have. He went into a studio and built a track beyond measure that was a treasure to behold. Today’s loopy tunes can barely hold against the armada of his hand crafted artistry. That is what art IS about. That was what He was about. Pushing the boundaries of societies acceptance. Being controversial and rhetorically futuristic. His songs quickly spoke against labeling him as anything other than what he wanted to be called or known as. Watch a live performance. It is a live performance. It is he in the flesh making greatness happen in front of you. Now we often have to wonder amidst the multiplied din which voice in the many belongs to the live artist before us. He had one voice and used it authoritatively and pushed the envelope of what was acceptable to a melody. It was funk, delicious, sexual, sensual, driven, dance; it was everything of him. That is why we must not have an overpriced bonanza of his music. We shouldn’t just start blaring his albums. We should take a moment to remember him. To sit in silence just as his voice is now silenced. A moment to remember what he did. A moment of silence for the one the only —