With the grounds of House Of Creatives open & in full effect on Day One, Miami was ready to release some tension and boogey down. Festival-goers of all ages came to Bandshell Park, the largest scale festival the Bandshell has ever hosted, with the amphitheater, a vendor alley of clothes, art, and food, and a huge stage built right on the sand. Catching acts like BreakBot, Benson, Pompeya, and the Cold War Kids showed the indie-spirit of the festival was soaring.

We caught up with local Miami artist, MILLIONYOUNG, who’s playing at the House Of Creatives festival this Saturday, November 19th at 6:30PM at the Bandshell Stage.

Third Dream Media: What are your thoughts on the Miami music scene, and where do you see it going in 2017?
MILLIONYOUNG: The scene has changed a lot, and in the past couple of years we’ve lost some really loved venues like Vagabond and Grand Central. I’m hopeful though, and excited to see places like 1306 spring up, and the changes to the outdoor stage at Gramps are sure to attract a lot of great performances. Musically I’ve been really into everything Poorgrrrl and Psychic Mirrors have put out this year, and I’m excited to put out my own full length early 2017!
What can we expect from your performance at this year’s House of Creatives festival?
There will definitely be a few new tunes, but people can expect to hear a lot of older stuff too. Come ready to dance to some tropical psychedelic music. I’ll be joined by my good friends Kris Alvarez, and Sebs Hidalgo (from the band Sigh Kicks), as well as Daniella Chamorro on guitars, synths, and drums respectively.
What are some of your favorite things to do in Miami?
I pretty much only go to concerts or stay in watching TV, hahaha. I know Miami is known for night life and clubs, but I prefer hitting the beach, or even going to some spots like Vizcaya or the Venetian pool from time to time. Tons of beautiful places to soak in and enjoy in Miami.
Where would you like to play next?
I love when I get the opportunity to play shows abroad. Mexico City would be fun, or anywhere in Asia!
Are you excited for House Of Creatives Festival? Who else are you excited to see play live?
I’m beside myself with excitement for the festival. It’s great to see Miami grow as a global hub for the arts. I’m probably most excited to catch Small Black. I played a show with them a few years ago, and their music has only gotten better over the years. Flaming Lips never disappoint either, and I’m sure that will be a highlight of the year.
Catch MILLIONYOUNG at House of Creatives Festival this Saturday, November 19th.