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Queer* Industries, INC

Miami has always been known for its nightlife: Mega clubs, hot people, and EDM is synonymous with the city of Miami according to popular culture. However, in recent years the death of the mega clubs geared towards tourists have allowed for the rebirth of the culture and art among the locals. Miami nightlife is finally catering to the real people of Miami, and things are looking queerer than ever. 

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It’s the third sunday of the month, and one of South Florida’s most famous parties is happening on the corner of North Miami Ave and NW 13th street. Counter Corner, Miami’s first ever ‘queer’ party, has evolved from a humble monthly gathering to one of the most sought out and talked about events. Every month, artists, performers, drag queens, and drag kings flock here from all parts of Florida in outfits that would make Leigh Bowery jealous. The best thing about this event? You never know what trouble you’re going to get into 😈

Something queer is happening in Miami… and it involves a mixture of glitter, sweat, and lots of body hair

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But the queerness does not stop there- The corner has been a catalyst for much needed change in a traditionally conservative state. Thanks to pioneers such as Juleisy y Karla, Sleeper, Queef Latina, Poorgrrrl, Chaplin, GAMI, Kurt Fowl, and many others, queer events have been popping up left and right. Many local bars, clubs, and hotels have all jumped on the glittery, sticky queer bandwagon. To get in on the action, make sure to to follow @countercorner, @wigwoodmiami, @grampswynwood, @queef.latina and @gaythering on Instagram.


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*Queer is no longer a derogatory term for gays, but rather a reclaimed verb for anyone who identifies as outside of the norm – it is inclusive to everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or age. The one requirement is an open mind and an impressive wardrobe!