As some of you may know, III Points just finished having their art/audio installation Music fFestival and it was unforgettable. They booked legends such as The Gorillaz, The XX, Richie Hawtin, and more!

This Art Basel they kicked it up a notch as they book iconic Icelandic artist BJORK to take over Mana Wynwood! It will be her Dj Set but still the iconic BJORK! It’s a big deal for all of us. Whoever doesn’t know Bjork you got to get to it. Even some of us millennials know about her (just sayin’). You might recognize her as the lead singer of alternative rock band Sugar Cubes or by her mesmerizing tracks such as, “Hyperballad” or “It’s Oh So Quiet”. Not only does she produce music and have an outstanding fashion taste but she is also an incredible actress. It will be her first ever appearance in Florida (December 5) as part of their fifth annual Art Basel Concert Series. Tickets are available here.