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Third Dream Media – Miami’s hub for creative locals, #Miami events, artists & things happening in the world of music, film, fashion & more. Be Local. Be present.

Pam Largaespada

Pam is an actress who appreciates fine dining, politics & guitar riffs. Supporter of the weird and the brave. See her shenanigans & insights on Instagram @platinumpam

Yes Candelario


Yesenia Candelario also known as Yes was born and raised in Miami, FL. Yes has a passion for fashion, music and writing. You can find Yes scoping out for vintage pieces at the thrift store, writing new entries on her journal, and continuously listening to new music. Yes writes for Third Dream Media as a contributor to Music and Fashion.

Eli Thomas


Eli Thomas and Music are almost the same word. “He whistled before he talked,” his mother said. He wrote his first song when he was 12 and since then has been devoting portions of his time to writing. He Is the creative founder of The ConspiracE an organization devoted to preserving and promoting artistic creativity. The ConspiracE is transforming the creative industry to support the individual artist and encourage original vision while helping enlist collective interaction for both artists and their audience.